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Custom load Development


Custom load development includes:

  • Custom accuracy load for your rifle* 

  • Dummy round for duplication along with powder, primer and trim specs

  • Personalized and complete ballistic profile of the accuracy load

  • Custom load will be field tested and proven out to 1,200 yards


Cost for this service is $ 250.00 plus the cost of components used for load development.

* (1/2" MOA or better is to be expected, however due to a number of reasons this may or may not be possible with your rifle. If desired accuracy can not be obtained, we will offer a suggested shooting solution)

Range development &


If you have been thinking of building a range on your property and need suggestions or a contractor to provide this service you have come to the right place. 406 Precision has a wealth of knowledge in the construction and design of custom shooting ranges.

match organization

406 Precision has recently started a new endeavor with organizing long range steel matches.  We hosted our First Annual 406 Precision Midwest Steel Match at Elmore Stock Farms.  Due to the overwhelming interest in our match, we are excited to announce we will be hosting more upcoming Midwest-based steel matches.  A complete listing of our matches and dates will be forthcoming!


evaluation &Testing

If you have a product designed for use in the field and you would like it tested, our team routinely works with companies field testing equipment and demoing products in our classes. The ability to have your product used in field conditions can provide invaluable information about durability and ease of use before it is released to the general public.

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