The Royal Tine Experience

June 10-12 2016

406 Precision and Royal Tine have partnered up to create a one of a kind Maximum Effective Range shooting course in beautiful Philipsburg, Montana.


It is a sad fact that many sportsman struggle with getting the most out of thier equipment in the field. Our Royal Tine class is designed to push the shooter to their effective limit and beyond. The 406 Precision class will help you build a solid foundation with your equipment and shooting skills. 


Areas to be covered in class include proper rifle set-up, creation of custom drop charts, effective shooting form, information on field set-up, collecting environmental data, terminal ballistics, and much more.





We encourage you to bring your own equipment capable of shooting out to 800-1000 yards. If you do not have an adequate system, a limited number of 406 edition Snowy Mountain Rifles are available.


If a top-level learning experience isn’t enough, the three-day course will also be held at the stunning riverfront property of the Royal Tine Guide School. Lodging and meals will be provided in a hunting camp atmosphere—sharing stories by a snapping fire with a belly full of Dutch-oven deliciousness will complement each day’s instruction. Ladies, we have accommodations available for you, too, and we heartily encourage you to come out and hone your shooting skills as well.


Cost: $1250.00


For more information or to book your spot please contact 406 Precision 


Shoot smarter, farther, and more accurately - 406 Precision will help you make sure every shot counts. 

Private Classes

Private classes are a perfect fit for students who would like personalized instruction. At 406, we have the ability to tailor our private classes to the exact needs or preferences of the student and/or students. We have had several father-son and husband-wife combos that prefer the private instruction and smaller class size. Private classes consist of two and three days of personalized instruction that is designed to challenge the shooter and help them reach their maximum potential in the field.


Areas of instruction will include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Proper Chronograph Set-up

  • Basic Shooting Techniques Including Trigger Control and Body Position

  • How to Gather and Evaluate Environmental Data

  • Creation of custom drop charts

  • Log book entry and importance

  • Field condition shooting dealing with wind and angles

  • Steel target engagement at extended range and ELR distances

  • Basic reloading techniques


Our classes are designed to give you a solid understanding of the basic principles involved in Maximizing Your Effective Range. In the field, we will ensure you understand what is happening behind your rifle and equipment which equates to increased success rates in the field. When you only have one shot…..make it one that counts!


Prices for private classes are determined by your needs as a shooter and the length of the classes. Please contact Jason or Jordan for info and pricing.

1287 Yard engagement at class

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