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Laura, IL 

Spring Midwest CLASSES

tentative April 8,9,10th 

Private classes are a perfect fit for students who would like personalized instruction. At 406, we have the ability to tailor our private classes to the exact needs or preferences of the student and/or students. We have had several father-son and husband-wife combos that prefer the private instruction and smaller class size. Private classes consist of one, two or three days of personalized instruction that is designed to challenge the shooter and help them reach their maximum potential in the field.


Areas of instruction will include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Proper Chronograph Set-up

  • Basic Shooting Techniques Including Trigger Control and Body Position

  • How to Gather and Evaluate Environmental Data

  • Creation of custom drop charts

  • Log book entry and importance

  • Field condition shooting dealing with wind and angles

  • Steel target engagement at extended range and ELR distances

  • Basic reloading techniques


Our classes are designed to give you a solid understanding of the basic principles involved in Maximizing Your Effective Range. In the field, we will ensure you understand what is happening behind your rifle and equipment which equates to increased success rates in the field. When you only have one shot…..make it one that counts!


Prices for 406Midwest classes are determined by your needs as a shooter and the length of the classes. Please contact Shay Butler for information, class availability and pricing.


If you are an experienced long distance shooter or just want to come out and bang some steel - we can help facilitate that need as well.  406Precision Midwest @ Elmore Stock Farms can offer the LONGEST private shooting range in the Midwest.  We have steel ranging from 450 yards to 1680 yards at various distances.  Steel will vary in size from 1MOA to 1/2MOA sized targets.  Additionally, there is access to a 100 yard range when you can either zero your rifle or shorten the distance to enjoy some pistol shooting.  We have the priviledge to bring this beautiful range to our Midwest Shooting Community on behalf of Elmore Stock Farms LLC.  


406 Precision Midwest Range Fees:


  • $25/Per Hour Per Shooter - Grouped up with other shooters

  • $250 Per Half Day (4 hours of range time - 6 shooters; additional shooters $25/hr)

  • $500 Full Day (8 hours of range time - 6 shooters; additional shooters $25/hr.)

  • Please contact us on any special needs


Additional Shooting Options:


  • Rifle Chronographing Services ($25/rifle)

  • Personalized Load Development (Fee's Based Upon Rifle Project) 

  • Customized Drop Charts & Drag Curves (Fee's Based Upon Rifle Project)

  • Please contact us if you have any specific shooting project or needs




  • Book & Reserve your spots in advance (minimum 2 hrs / $50 up front)

  • Rain or Shine!

  • Check or Cash on location for remaining range time

  • PayPal +3% 

  • Customized Drop Charts & Drag Curves (Fee's Based Upon Rifle Project)

  • Please contact us if you have any specific shooting project or needs




Safety is ABSOLUTELY our #1 Priority

Each Shooter MUST sign a liability waiver prior to handing weapons

Range Officers can and will keenly monitor your activity

ANY unsafe activity will result in either a warning or dismissal from premises

Hearing protection is mandatory

Eye & Hearing protection is mandatory at 100 yards or less 




PLEASE NOTE!!!  Elmore Stock Farms LLC has partnered with 406 Precision Midwest to provide the PRIVEDGE to these facilities.  That being said, the range will be open on weekends or weekday that other Elmore Stock Farm events are not being held.  This could result in having range days only on Saturdays, Sundays, or during the weekday. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME the range is always OPEN.  In order to shoot at the facility, you will need to check availability and BOOK IN ADVANCE!!!  The best way to book or check availability is to contact Shay Butler -   


For any questions about the 406Precision Midwest Range @ Elmore Stock Farms LLC, please contact Shay Butler via


406Precision Steel Match

406 Precision hosted our First Annual 406 Precision Midwest Steel Match at Elmore Stock Farms LLC - Fall 2015.  Due to the overwhelming interest in our match, we are excited to announce we intend to host a Second Annual 406 Precision Steel Match this coming fall 2016.  Please check back on final dates the event will take place.  

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