406 Precision offers maximum effective range shooting schools designed around giving the shooter the edge in the field. Knowing your equipment and what your capabilities and limitations are is paramount to your success in the field.

Long range shooting schools
Private Classes

Private classes are a perfect fit for beginning and intermediate students who would like personalized instruction. At 406 we have the ability to tailor our private ...classes to the exact needs or preferences of the student and or students. We have had several father- son and husband- wife combos that prefer the private instruction and smaller class size.


Private classes consist of two and three day classes customized to meet the shooters needs. 

                     There is a mix of classroom instruction and field shooting experiances.

( Have a place to shoot extended range in field conditions and interested in classes. 406 can bring our class to you. Ask about traveling classes as well)

As stated above the private classes can be customized to your shooting needs, but some of the areas that are covered include.

Proper Chronograph Set-up
Basic Shooting Techniques Including Trigger Control and Body Position
How to Gather and Evaluate Environmental Data
Creation of custom drop charts
Log book entry and importance
Field condition shooting dealing with wind and angles
Steel target engagement at extended range and elr distances
Basic reloading techniques.

Personalized curriculumn designed to challenge the shooter

These classes are designed to give you a solid understanding of the basic principals involved in Maximizing Your Effective Range. They stress understanding what is happening behind the rifle in order to be successful down range. When you only have one shot…..make it one that counts!!!!


Prices for private classes are determined by your needs as a shooter and the length of the classes.


Contact Jason or Jordan at for info and pricing

Personal Risk and Liability:


Students are required to sign an "Acknowledgement of Risk and Assumption of Personal Responsibility" form for accident and/or illness. The form will be distributed on course start date. Students are urged to carry personal medical insurance coverage in case of illness or injury.

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                  Jason George  (406) 596-1188

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